The Music Atlas Curricula

Choose a color. Pick a chord. Create music. 

The Music Atlas series is a collection of workbooks designed to help learners of all levels navigate their instruments. 

Organized in a matrix of musical elements and concepts, each Music Atlas focuses on a specific instrument including: The Piano Atlas, The Guitar Atlas, and The Audio Atlas. 

Just as a painter decorates space with color, the musician decorates time with sound. 

The Piano Atlas - Complete Edition (DRAFT) (4).png

Shape and Color

Chords are shapes. Keys are colors. 

We believe the joy of playing an instrument should be simultaneous with learning music theory. Through our unique shape and color system, learners quickly begin playing and composing music.  

Music Maps

Follow shape and color maps to play songs. 

Music Maps bridge traditional and modern notation to navigate across a variety of music dialects.

The Guitar Atlas - Edition A (1).png

Music Compass

Explore shapes and colors to make a song.

Students use the Music Compass as a guide to explore sound and express themselves creatively across instruments.