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Professional Development Sessions

IMPACT Music Programs:

Modern Pedagogy & Curricula

In a two-part workshop series, participants will learn how to create a supportive learning environment by integrating the neurosequential model, polyvagal theory, and accessible modern music curricular materials. The focus is on empowering students through a trauma-informed approach that promotes safety, regulation, and connection. Experience hands-on activities that integrate music and movement to bridge the brain, body, and beat.


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Self-Employed in the Music Industry

Self-employed in the Music Industry focuses on providing information and resources for musicians who are self-employed or considering self-employment in the music industry, including how to form an LLC and get an EIN, a template spreadsheet for tracking spending and savings, mission, vision, goals, etc.

Music Recording

Building a Music Studio

Building a Music Studio covers the technical and practical aspects of building a home or professional studio for music production. We will look at different tiers of equipment, the necessities, the extras, and why you might want them (or not). We will discuss your specific needs as relevant.



Performing with Technology

Performing with Technology covers the use of technology in live performance, including digital instruments, effects processors, and MIDI controllers. We will demonstrate a system using Ableton with a mix of triggered samples, live instruments, and pre-recorded tracks, using in-ear monitors and click tracks.


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