IMPACT Music Program

Inclusive. Modern. Prosocial. Accessible. Culturally Responsive. Therapeutic.

Colorado Music Bridge’s IMPACT Music Program will increase equitable access to a unique and innovative model of teaching modern music for diverse youth in our communities.​


Students will be empowered to express themselves creatively! They will learn foundational skills in piano, production, and songwriting. Through the process of music making students will learn social emotional skills that can be used in their daily lives.


The program also supports the teaching artists by providing sustainable income and meaningful work in their community.

Music can parallel the relationship between the individual and society.


Through melody, an individual develops autonomy of self-expression, and can explore their unique ideas and abilities.


Harmony allows individuals to practice democracy amongst their peers by deciding what key to play in, what chord comes next, and what instruments should be played.


Rhythm is harmony in motion; democracy in action; and the dance between patience and movement. Rhythm is the energy that moves people together.

Music is a method for human unification; it is a proposition to advance into the future and create, collaborate, and change as a collective.