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Camp Sol

CMB teaching artists provided some fun music-making activities with elementary-aged children! Each in-person, 20 minute music station featured a variety of outdoors activities, including a body percussion, sign-a-long, dance party, and instrument demonstrations. Students rotated between different stations 5-6 times during the multi-week summer series.

Camp Sol was facilitated by the Bohemian Foundation and Poudre School District at 4 different elementary schools. The first session was held at Putnam School of Science on June 17th, where we served 139 children. The following installments of Camp Sol were held on June 24th at Linton Elementary School serving 156 children, July 1st at Beattie Elementary School serving 98 children, and July 15th at Laurel Elementary School serving 145 children.

Colorado Music Bridge served 538 students at Camp Sol, our largest student engagement of the year! Special thanks to Mary Claxton for her work organizing the event! (pictured below)

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